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Recital FAQ

We get lots of questions about recital so we made a list of our frequently asked questions to hopefully make the events go smoother. If you have any other questions please email us at

Can I keep my Recital costume?

Yes. Once a costume is given to a dancer during Parent Week they are 100% responsible for it and any accessories that came with it. Be sure to keep track of your costumes so you have everything for Picture Week and Recital!


Can I video the show or take photos during the show?

For safety reasons and the best viewing experience SDC does not allow any photography or video recording at any of our shows. We also want to make sure that each person in the audience has a good view of the stage and their dancers. Parents, friends or a family member standing in the auditorium to take video/photos of their children disrupts the show and the viewing experience for others around them. SDC has hired a professional videographer and photographer to capture this year’s Recital. You may take photos during DRESS REHEARSAL only.


Does my dancer have to wear makeup?  

Yes, all dancers even the preschooler and male dancers must wear stage makeup. We know this can be hard for some parents and we do understand. Keep in mind that performing on stage requires heavier make-up than is normally worn.The makeup helps each dancer's features to be visible for the audience members and to not be washed out by the stage lights. The makeup only needs to be worn during performances and pictures and can be taken off afterwards.

What awards are given out at Recital?


Showmanship Teamwork Achievement Responsibility Reliability (STARR)​: The studio STARR award is given to the dancer that exemplifies each of these areas in and outside of the studio. Upper level dancers that receive the STARR award will be in the running for the scholarship.

Scholarships​: Each year we receive scholarships for dancers to attend dance classes at places such as Revel, Excel In Motion and Showstoppers. To be placed in the running for these scholarships, dancers must meet the following criteria:
1. excellent attendance (5 absences or less)
2. Demonstrates a willingness to learn new techniques and dance styles.
3. Comes to each class with a positive attitude.
4. Encourages his/her fellow dancers.
5. Recipient of the STARR award.
6. In middle school or higher.
As a rule, those placed in the running for a scholarship cannot be one of the recipients from the previous year.

Are parents allowed backstage?

Unless a parent is a room mom we do not allow parents backstage. Parents are to have dancers signed in a HALF hour before showtime and will not be allowed to sign a dancer out until AFTER curtain call. We ask that the same parent signs the dancer in and out to prevent any confusion.

Room Mom’s ​assist with Preschool and Level I classes during dress rehearsal and recital. They are a vital part of the show as they help to corral the younger dancers. Responsibilities range from assisting the performers in the green room. helping with makeup, hair and costuming and escorting them around backstage. Those who volunteer will be assigned a class and will be responsible for helping each dancer and not just their child.

My dancer is only in one number, can she leave after that?

No, we have a curtain call at the end of the show that all dancer's MUST participate in. There is also too much going on backstage to be signing dancer's out during the show. After curtain call the same parent that dropped off may go back to the dressing room to sign their dancer out. Also, please don't come backstage to check on your dancer during intermission. We have room moms and the dancer's are being kept busy while they are waiting.

Can my dancer have food in the dressing room?

Absolutely! We highly recommend packing healthy non-messy snacks and water.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY NUT PRODUCTS. Recommended snacks; apple slices, oranges, pretzels, cheese and crackers, dry cereal.

What do I need to pack for dress rehearsal and recital?

  • Tights - please make sure they are the Bodywrappers brand of tights and that you have the correct color for your class.

  • Dance Shoes - make sure you have the appropriate dance shoes for each class. Please see the costume board at the studio if you have questions on shoes and color. Please make sure you do not wear dance shoes outside as it will ruin them!

  • Make Up - Foundation, blush, powder, Loreal eyeshadow brown quad #106 (or other brown), black eyeliner, black mascara, Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Ruler. False eyelashes for level IV and V,

  • Performance earrings - all dancers level I and up will need earrings. We have pierced and clip ons available to purchase at the front desk.

  • Costumes - Make sure ALL costumes and accessories are ready to go. Please do NOT wear costumes to the venue. We would hate to accidentally rip it or spill something on it.

  • Snacks - see question above as to what snacks to pack for your dancer.

  • Hair supplies - brush, comb, bobby pins, hair elastics, gel, hairspray, hair donut for ballet bun.

  • Activities - iPad, coloring books (no markers), board games, card games. There is a lot of downtime so we want to make sure they are not bored by giving them lots of things to do. If you bring in any toys or activities please label them so we know it goes back to the right owner.

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